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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 6, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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there's also some uncertainty about what could happen with other countries in europe. and some good news on the economic front right here in maryland. >> kim is live in hanover. >> h.h. greg opened six stores in the baltimore area today, including this one. the hope is that they will stimulate the economy. they have already created hundreds of jobs. >> i saw the ad that they had and i just applied. it was wonderful because i got a phone call even before i completed the application. >> he lost his retail job in new
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york six months ago. he moved back from anne arundel county. >> for me, it is all about customer service. you can learn a product, but you have to have the passion for people. >> they opened six new stores in the baltimore area thursday. good news in an economy high with unemployment and short on jobs. >> we want to attract and retain outstanding people. not only 300 jobs, but 300 good jobs, and 300 jobs that we hope will develop into careers. >> this stores sells mainly electronics and appliances and will also help stimulate the local economy. >> you start going into the old
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circuit city stores, which have remained a bit of an eyesore. >> consumers are starting to buy electronics again. valencia hopes to work his way up in the h. h. company. >> anything that has an opportunity, that is what you want to look for. >> hgh hopes to open a store in washington d.c. in august -- h.h. hopes to open a store in washington d.c. in august. >> are you spending more money now than you were a year ago? you can text your course -- your answer course88509. here's a look at early voting. 66% say they're not spending more.
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37% said they are spending more. >> police say 20-year-old james alan campbell was drunk and yelled racial remarks at an officer when the officer got out to try to calm him down. that is when campbell allegedly hit the officer in the face with a glass beer mug. he is charged with assault and hate crimes.
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he is being held on $1 million bail. and albert class, has also been arrested and charged in this case. >> vols melzer is live at police headquarters. >> please tell us they're looking into several leads and have witnesses that say they have seen what happened, but they're not saying much. they say that a man was playing a game of pool, got into an argument with another patron of the bar, who then beat him with a pool cue. >> i anderson and the guy was in and out a couple of times, a little obnoxious. but this -- nothing calls for something like that that i know of.
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>> it was just before midnight wednesday when he says two men got into a fight over a pool game. he says the victim crashed down -- crushed down to iraq the balls and was hit in -- crouched down to rock the balls and was hit in the head with the pool cue. >> from what i've understand he was dragged outside and left -- what i understand he was dark outside and left lane on the side of the bar. >> the victim later died at harbor hospital. police are looking into several leads, as the bar was full of witnesses at the time. as for the honor, he and his staff were left speechless. >> police are still not releasing the name of the victims in this case. however, they are asking everyone who may have witnessed
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the beating to call baltimore city detectives. >> police are investigating a deadly accident on an amtrak train. the victim was on the track a few miles south of the airport around 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. the train was traveling from boston to washington with just over 150 passengers on board. no one else was injured. and a back up this afternoon after an accident involving a garbage truck. police say the garbage truck hit a car and smashed into a telephone pole. because of the accident is under investigation. >> and michael vick is back in baltimore. u.s. year to receive an award. but this evening, -- he was here to receive an award. but this evening, he speaks to troubled kids. >> nfl quarterback michael vick just finished holding court.
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there were about a dozen or so kids. his message, you can turn your life around. and he is part of a campaign called "end dogfighting." he admitted that he was in baltimore a few years ago to attend a dogfight. each of the principal cause of anti- gang and anti-drug violence -- he took the principles of anti-gang and anti- violence campaigns to talk to them about dogfighting. reporting live from the juvenile justice center, david collins, wbal tv 11 news. >> in tonight's education alert, just over a year ago there was plenty of outcry over high school assessment. there was concern across the
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state that students would fail the test and not graduate. tim tooten is live in the newsroom. he has reaction. >> close to 60,000 maryland students graduated from high school and those numbers are expected to rise even higher this year. top education officials are getting plenty of credit to [unintelligible] at carroll county withers mills high school, 98% of dipane seniors who took the test -- of the seniors that took the test last year passed it. and that is a plus, since school districts have long been under pressure to have students pass all four course the gregarious, biology, english, math and government. but some students still struggle to pass the test.
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that prompted lawmakers and parent groups to speak up. now the pot has turned. greg i have not received one letter of concern. -- >> i have not received one letter of concern. the school system is really on top of this issue. the students understand this is a requirement. >> a requirement that has students like this struggling to make the grade. >> i think it's a tribute to this staff of carroll county that the teachers go above and beyond to make sure the students make it through. >> it may still be in need of an overhaul. >> i'm agitated at how long it takes. sometimes it is not the most relevant for being successful in life. >> a lot of the kids do not like taking them because most of them are usually easy, so they do not feel like they have to take them. some people worry about it.
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it depends on how comfortable they are with the subject. >> students who pass the written test still have the yacht -- option of doing what is called a bridge project. >> last year, 4500 students use the bridge, or project-based alternative, to graduate. >> still ahead, more ahead on 11 news at 6:00 p.m.. next, what they're doing to make sure that residents always remember the fallen officers. >> we're looking for more nice spring weather as we head into friday. the forecast is straight ahead. upper 70's, 25% humidity.
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>> howard county officials, along with those in law enforcement, gathered to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty. the honor of those dating back to 1924. the ceremony was at the police headquarters. >> they are here not because they died or because their names are engraved up here. they are here because they gave the old and a sacrifice for people that they did not even know, protecting people as they go about the business of their lives. >> also this month, a team of officers will participate in a police community to workur to re awareness about those will fall on the line of duty. >> there is a painful problem
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developing called dry eye. we have a special medical alert. >> one local doctor tells me she is seeing more and more dry eye. it may not seen that series, but it is painful and can affect your vision. -- may not seem that serious, but it is painful and can affect your vision. >> i am learning. i felt so tired. and i thought, it's just that i'm getting up in the dark. and i could not release he very well when i was driving. >> it is a potentially damaging condition that if left untreated could damage the cornea and scar the vision. this doctor says she sees it a lot. a special medical alert, dry
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eye, what you need to know to fix the problem. >> now your insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a front came through but did not really produce a lot of rain. >> a lot of grass pollen in the atmosphere again. a total pollen count of 1473. lots of pollen in the atmosphere this spring. 81 is the normal for today. we hit 92 degrees today. over 2 inches came down on the sixth of may in 1935. we have not had a lot of rain here recently. we might get a shower with a stronger front coming true over the weekend, but that even looks fairly scattered.
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81 at martin state airport. 80 over at the coast at rock hall. 79 in columbia, 79 in sykesville. frederick is still 81, but it is a bit cooler out in garrett and allegany counties. skies will clear out and the winds diminish overnight. we should be down to run 5 miles per hour tonight or less. 78 at the airport right now, 90 in richmond. but only in the 40's and 50's over the great lakes. there's still some cold air out there. it will begin traveling this direction beginning saturday into sunday. the tail end of this front begins to reorganize and bring another surge of clouds and
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showers are we cutting right across the middle of the weekend. -- clouds and showers our way cutting right across the middle of the weekend. once that saturday midday front gets out of here, watched some snow showers and try to blasted from the north. the sunshine to rob getas back to near 80 to my son up at 6:01 a.m. -- sunshine tomorrow gets us back to near 80. son up at 6:01 a.m. the beach will be cooler but most of the day because of a seabreeze. on the day friday, southeast wind 5 to 10 knots. averaging about a foot in the bay water temperatures -- waves averaging about a foot and a
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water temperatures are in the 60's. it is going to turn cooler, 40 sunday morning, mother's day, a high of 59. still below normal as the next batch of rain arrives on tuesday. and any chance for thunderstorms on wednesday. >> after limping out of new york on the short side, a three game streak, orioles will play outdoors. the twins are currently first in the a.l. central. they have the third best record in all of baseball at the moment. in other words, yikes. a venture the must've needed a stronger baseball -- haven't
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surely must have needed a stronger baseball team. -- heaven surely must have needed a stronger baseball team. harlan roberts died today at the age of 65. he made his mark with the philadelphia phillies. he pitched 305 complete games in his career. a little perspective, in the past 25 years, all of the orioles' starting pitchers combined did not put together 305 complete games. roberts died of natural causes. lawrence taylor has a long list of personal problems, and that list grew considerably longer today. he faces charges that he raped a 16-year-old girl. police in new york city arrested in today, charging with the sexual assault of a minor. after the incident, the miner said a text message to her uncle describing what happened. he then call the police.
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taylor faces a felony with a maximum of four years. the no. 1 pick in the nfl draft just four years ago, bresso now joins the likes of reille -- russell now joined the likes of reille as the biggest draft of the nfl. on a day where bad news seems to dominate, we will also take note of how the family remains focused on turning his memory into a positive legacy. st. francis has a new baseball program. the gift has both helped and inspired st. francis players.
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>> i'm just trying to keep baseball alive. it is dying down. this is progress. >> i think it does them well to do something for us, to do something for people that need like we are. >> positive and a powerful legacy for new aidan part. -- nick aidan heart. - what's up with chicken sandwiches? - big bun.
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- puny chicken. - it takes two to fill me up. gimme more chicken! ♪ - finally! - hello chicken! - someone was listening. - it's got two of everything! - two pieces of cheese. - two pieces of bacon. and two pieces of chicken! - so long, bun! - ummh huh. now this is a chicken sandwich. the new kfc double down chicken sandwich. so much 100% premium chicken, we didn't have room for a bun. try it in original recipe or grilled. hey colonel, you da man. unthink and taste the unhungry side of kfc. >> we have breaking news at b.w.i. thurgood marshall airport.
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>> excitement here at b.w.i. airport. an unruly passenger on this continental express -- now, we do not know if the passenger had medical issues, but they did call law enforcement personnel to respond. they do have the person under control. they have requested a medic unit to respond to the scene as well. to respond to the scene as well.
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>> some beautiful weather. >> and it will last at least three first part of the weekend. -- at least through the first part of the weekend. >> roundup tuesday and that is how it will be. it should at least be sunny. -- round of 260 and that is how it should be. it should at least be seney. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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